IIRA in Lappajärvi 18.-19.9.2018

The last IIRA conference is over and here are some notes and memories from Lappajärvi. The conference actually started already in the evening of arrival. The participants were ‘welcomed’ as they were arriving to a refugee centre. Only Finnish and Arabic were spoken to those who didn’t know these languages. Photos were taken, and security … Continue reading IIRA in Lappajärvi 18.-19.9.2018

Thank you, Brilon!

3rd network conference of IIRA took place in Brilon, Germany in March 2018. 80 experts of integration gathered together to develop their local work. We also got to know innovative integration activities in Hochsauerland and heard about experiences of Syrian refugees. Workshops played a big role in this conference. Participants had an opportunity to pool … Continue reading Thank you, Brilon!

Volunteering – How to get people involved?

New-comers need contacts to local people to be able to integrate – no one integrates themselves to employment office or social security system. Here volunteers play a huge role. Volunteers are the representatives of the community and the way of life. In Varberg conference, Josefin Heed from Hela Sverige ska Leva -organization gave us something … Continue reading Volunteering – How to get people involved?

St.Johann in Tirol, 29th-30th March 2017

  The very first network seminar took place in Tirol, Austria in March 2017. Almost 70 integration experts got together in beautiful Sankt Johann in Tirol. Two days of networking, discussions and field trips were definitely worth travelling! National procedures in the refugee process and integration were introduced during the first day. We also had … Continue reading St.Johann in Tirol, 29th-30th March 2017