Seminars and excursions

IIRA POP-UP: Iira goes forest in Finland 15.11.2017

How can we utilize nature as a free source of empowerment in integration?


2nd Network meeting: Varberg, Sweden 19.-20.9.2017

The materials and initiatives are available in the links below.

IIRA, VARBERG 19-20 September 2017

Open space Varberg

Initiatives Varberg IIRA

1st Network meeting: St.Johann in Tirol, Austria 29.-30.3.2017



PP-eng Integration HSK-Tirol-neu

Swedenfacts20170929 Nina 

Migration and integration in Finland

KIPEPEORegional project of Winterberg

NAVET20170929 Elke och Leonor

SPURT20170329 Annika Vannerberg

PirkanHelmi Immigrant Integration to Rural Areas

Leaderinfo Ravakka


MOONA-hanke in english

MaaKoto project in Lappajärvi Finland_2017 03 21

Good Practices in Kemijärvi

Tillsammans for Kungsbacka

Friend Per Franzen

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