Seminars and excursions

The final conference of IIRA

The 4th and final conference took place in Lappajärvi, Finland in September 2018. We learned about education and entrepreneurship of immigrants and also asylum policies. We also focus on the future: How will this network continue after this project. Our theme was ‘Towards new and unknown’.  See some notes from the conference 


The 3rd Network Conference in Brilon

Our 3rd conference  took place in Brilon, Germany in March 2018. The conference continued the work of the first and the second conferences. The themes were ‘Values’, ’employment’ and ‘voluntary work’.

See the report here:  IIRA-Documentation Brilon

Näyttökuva (234)

IIRA POP-UP: Iira goes forest in Finland 15.11.2017

How can we utilize nature as a free source of empowerment in integration?


2nd Network meeting: Varberg, Sweden 19.-20.9.2017

The materials and initiatives are available in the links below.

IIRA, VARBERG 19-20 September 2017

Open space Varberg

Initiatives Varberg IIRA

1st Network meeting: St.Johann in Tirol, Austria 29.-30.3.2017



PP-eng Integration HSK-Tirol-neu

Swedenfacts20170929 Nina 

Migration and integration in Finland

KIPEPEORegional project of Winterberg

NAVET20170929 Elke och Leonor

SPURT20170329 Annika Vannerberg

PirkanHelmi Immigrant Integration to Rural Areas

Leaderinfo Ravakka


MOONA-hanke in english

MaaKoto project in Lappajärvi Finland_2017 03 21

Good Practices in Kemijärvi

Tillsammans for Kungsbacka

Friend Per Franzen

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