IIRA in Lappajärvi 18.-19.9.2018

The last IIRA conference is over and here are some notes and memories from Lappajärvi. The conference actually started already in the evening of arrival. The participants were ‘welcomed’ as they were arriving to a refugee centre. Only Finnish and Arabic were spoken to those who didn’t know these languages. Photos were taken, and security … Continue reading IIRA in Lappajärvi 18.-19.9.2018

Nature as a free source of empowerment – A northern perspective

  96 % of Finns see the nature as an important part of their personality.  For them, hiking in forests, berry picking or swimming in a lake is a natural part of their life’s. When moving from a desert to a northern village, all this may seem strange and even frightening. But why could it … Continue reading Nature as a free source of empowerment – A northern perspective

Arts in integration

Integration will not happen in class rooms and lectures, although those are needed in the process. We need to DO things and MEET other people to become integrated. But how to express oneself with low language skills? Art can be one solution. In Scheunenatellier Braunshausen, Germany, cold smith classes for refugees are organized. After learning … Continue reading Arts in integration