Towards new and unknown

The last network meeting is over, and now it is time to first look back and then forward. What did we experience and learn, how we are going to utilize this all in the future?

We have met four times: First in Austria, where we got to know each other, our areas and projects. The second meeting was in Sweden, where we found the common themes we want to develop together. The Third meeting in Germany focused on finding the ways to develop our work and to work together. In the last meeting in Finland, the focus was on facing the unknown.

What next? How the network could go on?
Here are some ideas:

  • contact a person you met in IIRA conferences and ask how they are doing
  • Start a discussion on our own Facebook group:
  • Contact local experts and fix a meeting – create and keep your local network
  • Think about the best experience during the IIRA conference; how could you spread the experience to others?
  • If you have an idea of a new local or transnation project, contact your local LEADER office.

Feel free to tell us how you are going to utilize ideas and knowledge you gained during this project – for example, you can comment this post or use our Facebook group.



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