Thank you, Brilon!

3rd network conference of IIRA took place in Brilon, Germany in March 2018. 80 experts of integration gathered together to develop their local work. We also got to know innovative integration activities in Hochsauerland and heard about experiences of Syrian refugees.

Workshops played a big role in this conference. Participants had an opportunity to pool their ideas and challenges to develop action plans. It will be exciting to see how these action plans will be implemented.

Films from Syrian cities, experiences of refugees and the concerts of pianist Aeham Ahmad did touch our hearts and gave a deeper perspective to the phenomenon we are dealing with: People are forced to leave their homes and start a new life. This was a good reminder why we were in this conference after all.


The next conference will take place in Finland in September 2018. This will be the last conference IIRA organizes as a project. In Finland, we will gather together to test the learned methods and evaluate our journey together. The invitation will be published on May 2018.

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