Arts in integration

Näyttökuva (160)

Integration will not happen in class rooms and lectures, although those are needed in the process. We need to DO things and MEET other people to become integrated. But how to express oneself with low language skills? Art can be one solution.

In Scheunenatellier Braunshausen, Germany, cold smith classes for refugees are organized. After learning the skill of forging, the refugees teach the skill to locals. The main goal in these workshops is learning German – having a chance for a discussion. Also, concentration and fascination for the creative process is diverting the refugees from traumatic experiences and creating positive moments. By passing on the learned skills to locals refugees experience reconfirmation.

In Kauhava, Finland, Art workshops bring locals and immigrants together. Learning language is the main goal also here, but arts creates playful circumstances for discussions. No art skills are needed, only open mind. Arts help to express feelings and to find topics for discussions.

About these two and other good practices, you can read more from the TOOL BOX.

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