Looking forward for September

Believe it or not, in the middle of the most beautiful summer, the project partnerts aready wait fot September. It may not be as sunny and warm as the summer we enjoy at the moment, but surely at least as inspiring. In September, we will meet in Varberg, Sweden, for our second network meeting!

The key topic of our second meeting is “How can the public, private and non-profit sectors work to integrate newcomers to the labour market”.

The meeting is hosted by Community-led local development Halland and Integration Halland. The two days in Varberg will include interesting excursions and inspiring lectures and workshops. Please check the programme and invitation for additional information.

If you wish to register to the meeting, please contact your Leader LAG (Find your area). The LAGs partisipating the project will cover the costs for limited number of partisipants. If you do not belong to a Leader area, you are responsible for your seminar costs yourself.  Please see the insructions from the responsible organisation HERE

See you in Varberg!

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