Networks and networking as a method of learning

We have all heard that networking is an essential part of our professional life. Networking also plays a significant role in implementation of this project. So, it is essential to look a bit closer what networking is and how it works.

A network binds together the knowledge, skills and values of participating organisations. As a result of an effective networking, the organisations will have new, common operations, but also added value for individual organisations.

Networking as a method of co-operation is goal-oriented, constant and regular. The key to success is trust and openness. Networks are not just something to benefit from; there will be no results and benefits without inputs. Active participation and regular inputs are essential!

When starting co-operation within a network, following questions should be answered:

  • What are the goals of networking?
  • How does networking improve our know-how?
  • How well do we know each other and our strengths? Do we know what to expect from each other?
  • How do we work together in practice? Do we have regular meetings and online platforms in use?

For this project, networking goals and measures could be seen as below:

Objectives Measures: what should I do

Exchanging the best practices related with immigrant integration and how to engage immigrants in using the LEADER-method



Share your experience; even small ideas, as well as larger projects. Ask other network members about their experiences and ideas.


Identifying ways to generate added value for the rural territories based on the immigration



Write down and share the good experiences you have about immigration in rural area.


Establishing a transnational network of “local integration actors” between the partner regions and offer these actors an opportunity to learn from each other



Remember, you are an important part of this network! You are welcome to share your ideas, and to get new ideas and help from others.


Discussing the existing integration projects and planning and implementation of new local projects.



If you are planning a new project, share the idea to make it better and to find new partners!


What are your individual goals in this network?

Have a nice day!

Working together and concrete goals and results make networking worth it!


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